Helicopter Tour

Heli Tour in Nepal is the best option to experience the amazing vistas of Himalayas in a short period of time by helicopter tour. Dreaming to be in the mountain ranges just in front of the world's tallest mountain peaks, most of our clients become amazed and express their inner feeling together with adrenaline rush in the Himalayas. The Heli Tours to the base camp of the Mt. Everest is one of the most popular tours on the planet. Benjuli Adventure has a few of the famous Heli Tours here, you select your proper helicopter tour in Nepal as per your preferences. The most favorable helicopter flights in Nepal are against the Himalayas and isolated locations. Everest Base Camp tour, Annapurna Base Camp helicopter tour and Muktinath helicopter tour are the most famous helicopter rides in Nepal.  The Heli Tour provides a great experience of mountain vistas, fast and simple to the holy places such as Pathivara and Gosaikunda that is completely for the travel purpose. Benjuli Adventure provides safe and quality helicopter flight on private charter or group joining tours. To learn about our Heli Tours, you can view all the famous helicopter tours on our website. If your desired tour is not mentioned in our website, please don't hesitate to inform us. We can customize your helicopter tour as per your preference. We provide you the significant opportunity of Heli Tour in Nepal to discover the peaks and to accomplish the pilgrimage tour in Nepal that the place is quite far and not possible to reach in a few hours through other means of transportation for the traveler.  You will have an opportunity to be the lap of the mountain ranges and also above the peaks to discover them well from the sky with the Heli Tour in Nepal. Helicopter tour in Nepal is the only and best option to experience the amazing vistas to mountain ranges in a short period of time. We put our efforts for the quality and safe helicopter flight in Nepal. Helicopter tours are designed to ensure an absolute and most memorable experience for those who are willing to witness the real adventure, the thrill of seeing Mt.Everest and peaks over 8000 meters with an eagle’s eye view. Helicopter tours have a broad range of reach in the travel and exploration place in recent years. As a means of transportation helicopters have been used to move uplands in which roads are least constructed.  Best time for Heli Tour in Nepal The best time for a Heli Tour in Nepal relies upon what you want to view and witness. Here are few  recommendations for the best time to take a helicopter tour in Nepal on the basis of various factors: 1. Weather: The best time for a helicopter tour in Nepal is at the time of dry season, which runs from October to May. During this time, the skies are normally clear, and you’ll have better visibility of the amazing mountain landscapes.  Mountain views: The best time to view mountain views in Nepal is at the time of spring (March - May) and autumn (September - November) seasons. These seasons provide clear skies, less rainfall, and better visibility of the Himalayan peaks.  Wildlife: The best time to view the wildlife at the time of helicopter tour in Nepal is at the time of winter months (December - February). During this time, a lot of animals come down from the mountains to lower altitudes in search of food.  Festivals: Nepal is popular for a lot of cultural festivals all throughout the year. If you want to witness one of these festivals at the time of the helicopter tour, plan our trip appropriately. The best time of festivals is at the time of the autumn season (September - November) In summary, the best time for a helicopter tour in Nepal is during the dry season (October - May), with the best peak vistas at the time of spring and autumn season. If you want to view wildlife, plan your trip at the time of winter months, and if you want to witness festivals, plan your trip at the time of autumn season. 

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