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All Nepal Motorcycle Tour also known as luxury Motorcycle Tour in Nepal which is 23 days of guided motorcycle Tour covers the all major highlighted places at Nepal like Bandipur, Palpa, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Mustang, Kagbeni, Manang and others, so you can get a complete experience of riding the motorcycle at all kind of roads at Nepal(like easy to off-road and Extreme road).

It is one of the greatest motorcycle tour in Nepal which you take to the most popular riding trail. You will ride a major adventure motorcycle trail like Jomsom-Muktinath, Upper-Mustang, and Manang. When it comes to guided motorcycle tour in Nepal, the first name that comes to the rider’s mind is BINJULI Adventure. We make our services so special in the concern towards the riders.

During our guided motorcycle tours there are two things that we prioritize over everything else, and they’re safety and riders satisfaction. Make sure to choose BINJULI Adventure as your riding partner, you will have the best motorcycle tours experience. Your riding or travel experience overall won’t be the same without them having your back.

Here are the some highlight places during all Nepal motorcycle tour package

Heading 80km north-west of Kathmandu we reach the picturesque district of Nuwakot. This was once a thriving commercial hub of Nepal owing to the past trade route to Tibet but has now taken a more laid back approach. Sites like the famous Seven-storey Palace, organic-friendly The Famous Farm House keep you comfortable but if adventure is more on your mind then canyoning down Bulbule waterfall and the buzzing Nuwakot bazaar will enliven you.

Before making your way to Pokhara, you make a day’s stop at Bandipur city to relish sites like Bandipur silk farm, Thani Mai Temple viewpoint, Khadga Devi Temple and the largest cave of Nepal- the Siddha Gufa. All these make Bandipur a gem in the heart of Nepal and a must see place.

Then, the next destination is the ultimate cherry on top of you whole Nepal tour- Pokhara. This is the tourist hub of the whole country and sees travellers from all around the world. The plethora of lakes are enough to fill one’s heart with serenity. The numerous caves scattered throughout ignite a sense of mystical wonder.

Pokhara is also the adventure gateway of Nepal and you can also enjoy bungee jumping, rafting, fishing, zip lining, sky diving and many other thrilling activities to pump up your adrenaline. Being the center point for all major trekking routes begin from, so a day’s hike to the surrounding hills will give you a spectacular panoramic view of the mountains while you can almost touch them.

Tansen – The Cultural Hub:
Taking a break from your wild nights at Pokhara, you head on to Tansen, Palpa. Walking through the cobbled steps of this medieval city, you enjoy a where you enjoy a more quiet life.

Tansen is also home to the traditional colorful woven Dhaka fabric that has now become synonymous with Nepal and is the choice of souvenir items. The Magars and Newars make up the larger population of the district and there are plenty of community homestays available for you to day-dream.

Lumbini – The Buddha’s Place
The drive from Palpa to Lumbini is one of the most interesting drives that takes you from the hills to the plains. This district is located in southern Nepal close to the Indian border and is the place where Siddhartha Gautam was born. This place became a pivotal place for buddhists after Buddhism spread worldwide.

Sites like the Queen Maya Devi Temple, Sacred Pond and Sacred Garden hold tremendous significance to the life of Gautam Buddha and hence is a much frequented. Other sites are the famous Ashoka Pillar and the international monasteries region.

There are over 30 monasteries here, all from different countries and carry their own unique identity and tradition. Walking shoulder to shoulder with the locals and the pilgrims, you will get the feeling of nothing less than devotion carrying over since ancient times.

Chitwan National Park:
Getting glimpses of the endangered white rhino and Nepal tiger at Chitwan National Park will perfectly wrap up you Nepal tour. In this 17 day all Nepal tour, you will get an insight into the natural wonders, lifestyle, culture and religion of Nepal. No other trip will offer such diverse experience in a short time.


Manang is a town in the Manang District of Nepal. It is located at 28°40’0N 84°1’0E with an altitude of 3,519 metres (11,545 ft). According to the preliminary result of the 2011 Nepal census it has a population of 6,527 people living in 1,495 individual households. Its population density is 3 persons/km2

It is situated in the broad valley of the Marshyangdi River to the north of the Annapurna mountain range. The river flows to the east. To the west, the 5,416-metre (17,769 ft) Thorong La pass leads to Muktinath shrine and the valley of the Gandaki River. To the north there is the Chulu East peak of 6,584 m (21,601 ft). Most groups trekking around the Annapurna range will take resting days in Manang to acclimatize to the high altitude, before taking on Thorong La pass. The village is situated on the northern slope, which gets the most sunlight and the least snow cover in the winter. The cultivation fields are on the north slope with terraces.

There are now motorable road as well as trails where goods are transported on jeep or mule trains or carried by porters. A small airport, located 2.5 km (1.6 mi) east of the town, serves the whole valley. The airport was begun in 1985. The development of a trail linking Manang to the Annapurna Conservation Area was finished in February 2011 and has brought many benefits to the villagers and the area.

Mustang District is one of the eleven districts of Gandaki Province and one of seventy-seven districts of Nepal. It covers an area of 3,573 km2 (1,380 sq mi) and has a population (2011) of 13,452. The headquarters is located at Jomsom. Mustang is the 5th largest district (by area) of Nepal.

The district is a part of Gandaki Province in northern Nepal, straddles the Himalayas and extends northward onto the Tibetan Plateau. The district is one of the remotest areas in Nepal and is second in terms of the sparsity of population. The elevation ranges from 1,372 to 8,167 meters (Mount Dhaulagiri, the 7th highest mountain in the world), with several peaks above 7,000 meters.

Mustang was an ancient forbidden kingdom, bordered by the Tibetan Plateau and sheltered by some of world’s tallest peaks, including 8000-meter tall Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Strict regulations of tourists here have aided in maintaining Tibetan traditions. Upper Mustang was a restricted demilitarized area until 1992, which makes it one of the most preserved regions in the world due to its relative isolation from the outside world, with a majority of the population still speaking traditional Tabetic languages. The name “Mustang” is derived from the Tibetan word meaning, “Plain of Aspiration. Upper Mustang was only opened to foreigners in 1992 (annual quota at present of 1,000 people). It is a popular area for trekking and can be visited year round (regardless of season).

Agriculture and animal husbandry are the main occupations. The entire district is included within the Annapurna Conservation Area, the largest protected area of Nepal. Development programmes, tourism management, and so on are primarily overseen by the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), a division of the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC). The kingdom of Mustang was a dependency of the Kingdom of Nepal since 1795,but was abolished by the republican Government of Nepal on October 7, 2008, after Nepal became a federal democratic republic. According to the Human Development Index, Mustang is a relatively wealthy district with a GDP per capita of US$2,466.

Muktinath is a Vishnu temple, sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. It is located in Muktinath Valley at the foot of the Thorong La mountain pass in Mustang, Nepal. It is one of the world’s highest temples (altitude 3,800 m). Within Hinduism, it is known as Mukti Kshetra, which literally means the ‘place of liberation’ (moksh) and is one of the Char Dham in Nepal.

Muktinath is located in NepalPashupat KshetraPashupat KshetraRuru KshetraRuru KshetraMukti KshetraMukti KshetraBaraha KshetraBaraha Kshetra
Char Dham, Nepal. This temple is considered to be 106th among the available 108 Divya Desam (premium temples) considered sacred by the Sri Vaishnava sect. Its ancient name in Sri Vaishnava literature is Thiru Saligramam. The Gandaki river near by is considered the only source of the Saligram shila, considered to be the naturally available form of Sriman.

Buddhists call it Chumig Gyatsa, which in Tibetan means “Hundred Waters”. For Tibetan Buddhists, Muktinath is an important place of dakinis, goddesses known as Sky Dancers, and one of the 24 Tantric places. They understand the murti to be a manifestation of Avalokiteśvara, who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. The site is close to the village of Ranipauwa, which is sometimes mistakenly called Muktinath


Day 1: Arrive at Kathmandu.

Upon arrival, meet our representative & drive to the hotel. At 3:00 pm, you will meet the Road Captain, who will introduce you to the Royal Enfield Motorcycles. Then, you’ll be briefed about Motorcycle tours in Nepal and riding safely.  At around 6:00 pm welcome dinner with folk dance at a typical Nepali Restaurant. It is in a historical building, which was built around 100 years ago. 

Day 2: Kathmandu to Dhulikhel via Panauti & Namobuddha.

The motorcycle tour in Nepal officially starts on this day. You’ll have to dodge the busy traffic of Kathmandu city, and ride Benepa via Shaga and stop here for tea. After tea, continue your ride to primeval city Panauti. Visited around and lunch. Then ride Dhulekhel via Namobuddha.

Day 3: Dhulikhel to Daman via Kulekhini.

Motorcycle tour in Nepal is trace back the same road till Kathmandu and ride toward Kulekhani, and stop there for tea. After tea, continue your ride to Daman via Markhu. The road is uphill-downhill with sharp bends all the way. The place is the perfect destination for outdoor activities. One can also enjoy the amazing mountain panorama from Daman. Free to relax and explore the resort.

Day 4: Ride from Daman to Chitwan.

After breakfast Motorcycle tour in Nepal rides 59 km downhill along the narrow road with lots of turns and twists. On the bright side, you’ll get to enjoy beautiful views of forests, bazaars, and local villages. At Hetauda, we stop for a tea break, ride toward Chitwan. Chitwan National Park was listed in the World Heritage Site, home of one-horned rhinoceros, sloth bear, wild boar, wild bison, deer, monkeys, crocodiles, and leopards.

Day 5: Ride from Chitwan to Lumbini.

After breakfast, start ride to Lumbini via Nrayanghat. The day is an easy ride along the road but lots of traffic. We have lunch at Lumbini after lunch explores in the Lumbini garden where Load Buddha was born. Free to relax or explore the around the city.

Day 6: Lumbini to Tensen via Butwal.

Riding toward Butwal via Bhairahawa, after Butwal the ride to Tansen, the most popular summer resort. The views from Tansen are spectacular. After Lunch ride further along Gulmi road along the summit of Shreenagar hill. Toward the north, you have an ultra-wide mountain panorama all the way from Mt. Dhaulagiri in the west and in the east, there is Mt Gauri Shankar.

Day 7: Tensen to Pokhara.

Today we ride to Pokhara, It is a pleasant ride through the beautiful hills, forest, and the villages on a blacktopped uphill and downhill road till Pokhara. It is an ideal vacationer’s paradise. With its crystal clear lakes, magnificent views of the Annapurna Mountain Range, and its bustling but quaint lakeside bazaar, it is a major tourist attraction. Rest of the day sightseeing tour and explore the lakeside bazaar.

Day 8: Ride from Pokhara to Tatopani.

We will leave Pokhara and ride towards Beni (70 km). This section of the ride provides fantastic vistas of amazing mountains, picturesque terraced farmlands, and an opportunity to walk on one of Nepal’s famous suspension bridges. From Beni it is a really off-road motorcycle tour in Nepal, the road is unpaved and dusty with potholes in several places. Unpaved, graveled rough road poses a real challenge for riders, and more difficult are the occasional river crossings. At Tatopani, Tato’ means ‘hot’ and ‘Pani’ means ‘water’. You could also take a relaxing dip in the hot water springs.

Day 9: Ride from Tatopani to Muktinath.

Set out on the trail by following the Kali Gandaki River and passing through village, green forests to dry arid desert. En route, you will get to enjoy fantastic views of the Mt. Dhaulagiri, Tukuche, and Nilgiri. Continue the ride towards Jomsom through the dusty graveled with the beautiful views of the rugged landscape, attractive flowing waterfalls, orange and apple orchards, scattered roadside villages and monasteries will make it ‘One Hell of a Ride’. Motorcycle tour in Nepal touch Muktinath, which roughly translates to ‘Place of Salvation’

Day 10: Ride from Muktinath to Geelong.

After breakfast, ride back to Kagbeni, the entry point of the restricted Upper Mustang region. Restricted area permits are checked here at the Police Check Post. After completing the permits work, continue ride to Geling through Kali Gandaki River the Kali means Black, the water in the river appears black in color. You will cross Chhuksang village, before finally reaching Samar, where you’ll rest for a while and take lunch. After lunch, headed toward Geelong.

Day 11: Ride from Geelong to Lo-Manthang.

Motorcycle tour in Nepal continues on the ride to Lo-Manthang. Lo-Manthang is a medieval walled city on the Tibetan Plateau and the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Mustang. Lo Manthang was established in 1380 by Ame Pal, who managed the building of the city wall and many of the still-standing buildings in the early 15th century. At Lo-Manthang, check in to the lodge, and the rest of the evening is free to relax and explore around the kingdom of Lo-Manthang.

Day 12: Ride around Lo-Manthang.

Get ready for the day’s adventure ride toward the boder of Tibet. Today, you will visit one of the most interesting sites of the pre-human settlement in this unexplored valley, famously known as Caves of Chhoser, and also the magnificent Nymphu & Namgyal monastery built on the cliffs. At the Chhoser village, you would see numerous caves in the front of the cliff that once use to be the home of the prehistoric Lobas and the monks. The rest of the day is free for you to explore the walled village.

Day 13: Ride from Lo-Manthang to Kagbeni.

After breakfast, we ride back to Kagbeni following the same trail. You will be served lunch at a convenient place on the way. Kagbeni is a fascinating medieval village, with closely packed mud-brick houses, dark alleys, and imposing chortens. Though the village has a very medieval look, it has all the modern amenities that travelers require. In the evening is free for you to relax and explore.

Day 14: Ride from Kagbeni to Kalopani via Marpha.

After breakfast, Motorcycle tour in Nepal ride to Jomsom, rest for tea. Then riding further 25 km, about one and a half hours of slow ride to Kalopani via Marpha Village. Marpha Thakali village exhibits the typical Thak Khola architecture of flat roofs and narrow paved alleys and passageways. Marpha is a pretty stone lined village. The rest of the day is free to relax or discover

Day 15: Ride from Kalopani to Pokhara.

It is a pleasurable relief to be able to tackle the bumpiest unit of the trip in the early morning. Motorcycle tours descend to Beni via Tatopani. From Beni, you will continue on the metaled highway to Pokhara. At Pokhara the rest of the day is free to relax or explore around the Lakeside Bazaar.

Day 16: Ride from Pokhara to Bhulbhule.

Ride to Bhulbhule via Dumre along the Prithvi Highway. From here the ride with a view of lavish hills and rural settlements is wonderful. Around 5 hours of ride, you’ll reach Bhubhule. You get views of Annapurna II (7937m) and Machhapuchhre (6997m).

Day 17: Bhulbhile to Manang.

Riding towards Manang, along the rough road corner the Marsayangdi River. The perfect off-road, dusty and there are hills and narrow turns; so, you have to be careful. The scenery of fast-flowing rivers, the background of mountains, and natural falls make the ride wonderful.

Day 18: Free day at Manang

Ride around Manang valley. Experience the finest that Manang has to offer! Plenty of natural beauty like views of the mountain, a fast-flowing river, a natural waterfall, and exciting local culture in Manang to keep you entertained.

Day 19: Manag to Saynge

Early Breakfast Motorcycle tours in Nepal start to ride towards Saynge along the same route. Rest of the day free to explore the natural beauty. Overnight at lodge in Saynge.

Day 20: Sange to Bandipur via Gorkha durbar

The ride starts for Gorkha via Mainapokhari, Its village ride with a fantastic view of farmland of local villagers. Lunch at Gorkha Bazar and Visit the Gorkha palace. Gorkha also recognized where the courageous Gorkha army was established from here. Then ride to Bandipur, a traditional Newari cite on the top of the hill.

Day 21: Bandipur to Nuwakot

After breakfast, you will follow the road to Galchi, from here through the newly constructed blacktopped pitched road. You will pass through beautiful small villages reach Tirshuli Bazar then ride further for the famous Farm House in Nuwakot. Lunch at the resort and free to visit Nuwakot Durbar.

Day 22: Nuwakot to Kathmandu

This is the last day ride of the Luxury motorcycle tour in Nepal. We ride the same road to Trishuli Bazar then take left for Kathmandu via Shivapuri National Park. To share your experiences of Luxury Motorcycle tours in Nepal and comment on our service. In the evening, you will join the farewell dinner at a good restaurant, where you’ll get to experience a relaxing atmosphere, peace of mind and enjoy the diverse and delicious cuisine. Your meal will consist of extensive choices on the side and main dishes, and as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Day 23: Final departure.

You will be free until the flight time, so you could do any last-minute shopping or move around the city. Later, you will be dropped at the airport for the final departure.

Cost Include
  • All transfer as per itinerary in a private deluxe vehicle accompanied by the representative/guide.
  • Welcome and farewell dinner with transfer accompanied by the representative/guide.
  • Accommodation at 3 star or similar as per Itinerary on BB Basis inclusive of all the government taxes. (Currently 24.3 %)
  • Hire of Royal Enfield Himalayan Motorcycle with fuel for the whole trip as per the itinerary.
  • Services of an experienced Road Captain on a bike and back up of support of a highly qualified and well trained Mechanic, including the cost for their meals, accommodations and daily allowances.
  • Back up vehicle (4X4) for the entire trip to carry the luggage, motorbike spares parts and a mechanic.
  • ACAP and TIMS permit Fee.
  • Comprehensive medical kit
  • Motorcycle Insurance for or against accidents, loss of life, theft etc.
  • Third Party Insurance.
  • Special Permit to travel in Upper Mustang / Lo-Manthang (Restricted Area) of USD 500.00 per person.
  • Escort of an experienced trekking guide license holder for visiting Upper mustang which is mandatory including his daily allowances with accommodation and meal facilities.
  • All government and local taxes
Cost Exclude
  • International airfares & Nepal Visa fees (If applicable).
  • Personal insurance, evacuation and medical expenses.
  • Meals (Lunch & Dinner) except welcome, farewell & dinner.
  • Items of a personal nature such as bar bills telephone calls, laundry, extra mileage and any extra costs incurred due to natural calamities, flight delays etc
  • Tips for the staff and crew.
  • Costs incurred due to cancellation of flights, altitude sickness or unforeseen circumstances (riots, natural calamities etc.) and situations beyond the control of BINJULI Adventure
  • Any item not mentioned in the above ‘cost includes’.


Minor Repairs like break shoe, spark plug, clutch plate, tubes, cable (01 set only) and engine oil has been included in the cost. However if more breakage happen due to rough handling/accidents/theft etc., the clients will have to bear the cost.

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